I was born and raised in beautiful Seminole, Florida.  I grew up in an academically and athletically gifted family, with a mom and three brothers to guide me and shape the person I would become.  Things weren’t always easy for us growing up, my dad died when my brothers and I were young; but our mother showed us that with love and hard work, we could have and be anything we wanted.

In my early 20’s I somehow gathering enough courage to ask the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen out on a date.  She said yes, and my world was changed forever.  Since that time she has helped me build a wonderful life.  We have four beautiful, talented, and comical children; and two little dogs that always seems to be happy when we come in the door.

I like spending time with my family and participating in all the kid’s activities.  I also enjoy boating with the family, going to the beach, watching football, reading just about anything, and exploring new places & learning new things.

Oh, by the way, my mom was right.  My brothers and I have worked hard, but it has paid off and we have gotten all those things we wanted.  We’ve become a doctor, a sales manager, a lawyer, and a marketing executive; we’ve become fathers to great kids; we’ve been active in church and community activities; we’ve given back and made a difference.  I am extremely proud of my family and I think our next generation is looking even better.